Friday, October 30, 2015

Upper Spotted Tail Hikes

Nothing beats fall weather for hiking in the park. With afternoon temperatures in the low to mid-60s, this has been a fantastic week to be in the park. Several trailheads leave from the north end of Upper Spotted Tail Camp Ground and this week we tried all of them.
The view from the Trail Head at Upper Spotted Tail
Some wind through heavy timber, others through burned areas from the 2012 fire.  The hike up Knight Mountain is one of the best in the park and following the old road to Onyx Cave is always entertaining and educational.
Looking down to the Sitting Bull Shelter from part way up Knight Mountain Trail
There are branches off these trails, mostly lost from time and lack of use over the years but fun to follow, if only for a short way, when found.
Walking along Onyx Road Trail
I hear many people are lamenting the end of summer and some are looking forward to winter and Wyoming's great offering of winter sports. As for my wife and me, we will take fall and this year's terrific weather.
Time to head back home - driving past the boat ramp - Looks like fall