Sunday, May 10, 2015

Snow, Bluebirds and Lakeshore Drive

Very wet two days in Guernsey. My gauge had an inch and a half before the snow came. Not sure how much snow we got but had a foot on the rails of our backyard deck.

By early afternoon, the roads had melted enough to allow a drive along the east side of the park on Lakeshore Drive.

 Funny thing about that name, some modern maps list Lakeside Drive and the homes between Hartville and the east side entry to the lake have addresses of Lakeside Drive. When I was researching my book, available later this week, all notes from CCC times refer to the Drive as Lakeshore and some Lake Shore. Lakeside Drive must be a modern day mistake.

Bluebirds everywhere in Long Canyon today. What a great day for a drive, even if it was a bit wet.