Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Deer In The Park - Guernsey State Park

There seems to be a few more deer in the park than the past few years. Not sure why. We decided to count last week and headed to the park at optimum deer counting time, for us, right after supper. 
Out of a bunch of 9 on Mae West Hill

We counted 32 doe on the west side trip and the next evening 17 does on the east side. (I am never sure if more than one makes them does or multiple doe, I used both, thereby assuring myself I got, at least, one correct) Have not seen a buck for a while, but did see a group of 6 two weeks ago. Looks like that adds up to 55. It is nearly impossible to drive through the park in the evening without seeing a substantial number of deer, pretty cool!
Nice Group of 9

 We have not seen much of the turkeys this spring, only a few here and there and not often, hope they all survived.
Trying to Hide, but we can still see you