Friday, April 25, 2014

A Dam Update

This week’s dam update has little change from two weeks ago. The work is progressing, the lake is full, as full as I have seen it in a few years.

When we went out earlier in the week the boat dock had escaped but by Friday it was back home.

 Looks like the gate work on the dam is complete and most of the work seems to be on the dam road.
So far everyone, I have talked to, who has seen the new high walls on the west side of the road over the dam, think the ecstatic value of the road over the water is lost. But this was a Bureau of Reclamation decision, not a Wyoming State Parks decision. According to the Bureau this is to protect against the millennium flood. Maybe like the new Noah film.
Nice to see the lake full again

Summing up it looks like the road should be open soon – I hope so, love the drive from Guernsey to Hartville on Lakeshore Drive.
Spring is here the big birds are back
 and the wildflowers in the park are spectacular right now.