Sunday, January 26, 2014

Will the Dam Road be Open?

As everyone who is a regular or semi-regular at Guernsey State Park knows the road over the dam is closed. Closed for over a year, it is scheduled to re-open by April 1. Lately a rumor in town has circulated that Lakeshore Drive over the dam will be closed for a longer period than expected. Seems the work on the dam and gates is taking longer than expected. Hope it is open by May when life at the lake gets going for the year.

I took some photo’s two weeks ago of the work in progress from the area south of the boat ramp parking lot. Last weekend I took some long distance shots from atop a mountain we call Spotted Tail Mountain a week ago. Didn’t see much going on, they must be waiting for more help, a few experts, warm weather, or maybe they are on schedule and finishing up, not sure which. Hope they get it open soon, I love the drive from Guernsey to Lakeshore drive and up to Hartville.

Wished the state would list the drive from Hartville to the Castle as a scenic byway. Not a better drive anywhere in this part of the state.