Tuesday, January 28, 2014

CCC Book and a View from a Mountain

I am spending most of the day, today, combing through old maps of the park. Not sure how many copies there are of some of these. The state has them archived somewhere I am sure, these are personal copies given to us twenty-five years ago. My book is now in the revision stage, where, I hope, most of the mistakes are taken out. Looks like it will end up being about seventy five to one hundred pages of text and thirty pages (or so) of early photos and maps.

When I started the project I wanted to keep it in the area of 100-150 pages, still have some material to add but looks like it will fall into my parameters.

I took this photo last week from atop Spotted Tail Mountain in the park. Not sure if the mountain is called Spotted Tail Mountain but the trail to the top leads from upper Spotted Tail Campground. The trail actually only goes about half way, then it becomes find your own route. This hike does involve some pretty strenuous climbing and the last two hundred yards and is rather steep in places. Our grandson, who is nine, made it much easier than us two old senior citizen hikers.

 I think the pictures were worth the hike.