Saturday, January 14, 2017

Guernsey State Park - Hiking Roundtop Mountain

Today was a perfect day for hiking in the park. With temperatures in the mid-40s and only a hint of a breeze. Our favorite days for hiking are the ones like today. Days when we might need a hoody or a jacket, but no need for gloves, stocking hats, and heavy coats.
Today's Hike - Roundtop Mountain Behind the Museum

Our destination this afternoon was Roundtop Mountain. Roundtop is the mountain behind (east) of the museum. There was at one time a hiking trail from the museum to the top. Now all we can find of that trail are one nice set of Civilian Conservation Corps steps.
CCC Steps
The mountain can still be negotiated this way by going up the steps and then following along on the parts of the trail that can still be found.  The alternate route to the top is an old road that at one time was used for TV towers. Today that road is no longer used, and it does not appear that any type of vehicle could drive it to the top. But, it makes a terrific hiking trail.  ( It is closed for vehicles to keep crazy drivers from trying)
Walking the Old Road Down

Once on top, the views are worth it.
Guernsey Only Two or Three Miles Down River
The hike to the top up the east side (the old road) is not difficult and takes only about 15 or 20 minutes, depending on the hiker's speed, to reach the top. 

We did see several other people and groups enjoying the day, hiking, walking and climbing. Seems like there was an old song that started - Oh, what a day. 
Climber On the Wall