Sunday, September 20, 2015

Black Canyon

Saturday we spent some time in and around Black Canyon Cove and the Black Canyon Trail which is across Lakeshore Drive just east of the cove. I never fail to find something new, even after being in some of these areas dozens of times. The sun was warm and it was a beautiful morning. We didn't walk too much, my wife's step counter said a bit over 3,000 steps.
This is a great time of the year to experience the park, not too hot, not a lot of people and a good chance to get out and do something.

Hollow rock
View from the cove
Taken from up on top east of Black Canyon Cove - I like this one
Red twine on the shoreline
The trail less taken - the start of Black Canyon Trail
With much of the smoke cleared away the Peak once again looks spectacular
Forested area on the trail
Died of old age?
Cottonwoods are starting to show fall colors

Still some nice color in the park
Playing fetch - Yellow Lab with a giant stick
The Cove at Black Canyon - Relaxing
This is also the area I am using for my blog photo at the top of this page