Sunday, August 9, 2015

Black Canyon Trail

Great morning hike on one of the Civilian Conservation Corps trails in the park.
Along the trail
We hiked Black Canyon Trail which is one of my favorites. Mountain vistas with pines, cedars and huge boulders along the way.
Davis Bay and Laramie Peak view from the trail
This trial doesn’t get much use anymore but is still well defined and fairly easy to follow.  
The trail winds through these trees
Today we were joined by friends that love the park as much as we do, making the hike extra nice.
Large boulders along the way
The park trails on the east side range from easy, Evergreen Glade, to very difficult, Knight Mountain, but there is a hike for everyone in the park.

Want to try a trail? Send me a message, here or on twitter and we will try to point you toward a trail of the skill level you want. Who knows, if we are free, which is most of the time, we might go along. Some trails, especially on the west side are very nice bike trails also. We always enjoy seeing people out hiking or biking on the Guernsey State Park trails.