Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Anything Floats and the Slit Run is Coming Up

We enjoyed watching the anything that floats, boat race last weekend at the lake.
Fun, funny and great weather. Sponsored by Tri-City Parks and Rec and the Guernsey State Park staff the race has been going on for several years and is always a crowd pleaser.

Not much time left until the annual silt run and the lowering of the lake. It’s a nice time to get out and enjoy the park. And after the water is lowered - enjoy the trails, picnic shelters and the Museum.
The enchanting CCC steps of Red Cliff Trail

The book is available on Amazon, from my blog site and in Guernsey State Park's CCC Museum. Check it out, nearly 200 photos with lots of park history, folktales along with things to do and see in the park.
A park must see - View from the Castle

 I like the looks of the book much better than the eBook, would look great on your coffee table or at the office.
A park for all ages to enjoy - On the path at the Castle