Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cold Day In Guernsey

Wow - did it ever get cold today. High of zero and wind chills tonight will go as low as -40 here, and maybe fifty below in some parts of the state. Tomorrow they say up to 20, that should feel down right tropical.

We have not spent much time at the lake in the past week, much great Christmas company and now six or eight inches of snow on the ground have kept us close to home.

 I see the park is sponsoring a New Years Day hike to kick off 2015 starting at the Yurts at ten AM. We were thinking about giving it a go but too much snow and cold for us. 

Maybe in a week or so.

Two weeks ago the Ice was gone in the lake - probably not now.

Interesting Cloud looking East from Skyline Drive December, 22

Food a bit tougher to come by than in this photo from earlier in the month