Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Silt Run is On

Where’s the water, oh no, it’s the annual silt run from Guernsey Lake. Yep the lake is empty, only the river runs through the park right now. But don’t be too disappointed, the state parks people assure us it will be full again by the end of July. The park still offers much, even when the lake is down - our favorite, wildlife watching, we caught this young gal, at the top of the page, snacking a half hour before sunset.

We took a drive out last evening, still seem to be quite a few campers around despite the lack of enough water for boats. I remember hearing, years ago, that the silt run was a relic of the past that didn’t work, and likely never did flush enough silt downstream to do any good. Many of us believed it would soon end and the lake would be full all summer, and this was 25 years ago. Well, the silt run continues, and it is still debatable if it works or not.

Meanwhile the smoke drifting into Wyoming from the fire in Idaho made for a nice sunset last evening. And a bit after the sunset the sky  still had brushstrokes of great color.