Thursday, May 22, 2014

OPEN - Yep, the Dam Road is Open!

Lakeshore Drive over Guernsey Dam is OPEN!  
Heading into the park over the dam
Driving back to town - leaving the park
After nearly 15 months it is nice to drive the road again. Still not sure about the, no view of the water, wall on the west side of the dam as you cross, but that decision was made by the bureau and they built the dam. After the big wash out rain of last evening in  and around the town of Guernsey it might be a very good idea.

The, new view, as you cross the dam - the view to the tail waters (on the other side) has not changed

Saying goodbye to us as we left the park at 7:30 Thursday evening 
A Hooded Merganser ?

Relaxed Doe


Below is the big wash out from last night on Guernsey's very nice river walk.

You should be looking at a very nice walk way, now washed into the river. Looked to us like about 100 yards of the trail is gone.