Monday, March 31, 2014

Guernsey State Park - A Walk In The Park

Yesterday we took the Knight Mountain Trail in the park. It starts in the Upper Spotted Tail campground, leads east for a quarter mile before turning north (left) down through a creek bottom.
Walking east from Upper Spotted Tail


Then the fun begins, the winding trail leads up a good grade on a surprisingly well marked trail.
Up the trail we go


 It goes up over the top of Knight Mountain then on down into Fish Canyon. (we didn't go that far) 
About 2/3 of the way up


We turned around before we took the final steps up to the very top. This point in the trail affords a spectacular view of the lake, Brimmer Point and everything to the west.
Nice view from here

Eagle's eye view of Sitting Bull
Brimmer Point across the way

The top part of the trail appeared to need some actual climbing, not just our normal hiking.  Maybe we will try to go on up, and over, later this spring.

Looking east (the other way)


Seven in the evening and heading down (that's the Laramie Range in the west)

This is one of the original Civilian Conservation Corps trails and one those young men must have had a blast building. 

This one isn't for everyone, as it is not, just a walk in the park, but last evening a coupe of old retired seniors made it okay.

Almost forgot my weekly Dam Road update.  Here it is . . . . .

Not Yet!